D E L I C I O U S   R E C I P E S 
(with guayusa as the best partner, yumi yumi)


  1. Guayusa with mug-waffle

  2. Guayusa with salty mashrooms pancakes

  3. Guayusa with Quinoa & Avocado Salad

  4. Ishpingo and andean blueberries ice-cream (on Instagram!)

  5. Guayusa with
    Avocado & Chocolate Brownies


Sometimes people used to think, mmm.. Vegan? "uggg.. that is not that nice" or they say "only fatty food is delicious",etc, etc; so many excuses!  therefore, EXCUSES MUST HAVE AN END!

We will show you how the vegan movement can be delicious and at same time super healthy, fun to do with your family, especially if you have kids and they don´t want to consume certain veggies (we also share some ideas none vegan). 

#slowfood #guayusarevoltion #veganrocks


We love to eat (like everybody on planet Earth!) but most over we want to increase the awareness of the consume for vegan, healthy and the practice of the slow food.

Well, this a perfect way to include to the daily diet!.
Our recipes are the perfect balance to eat it in companion of our guayusa tea blends

Every time, we'll drive you to enjoy each meal with the best tea blend that stand out the flavor of our cooking recipe.
We posted twice a month.


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