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The guayusa (pronounced hua-you-sa) also known as Ilex guayusa, is a native plant of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. The leaves are used in infusions with stimulating properties Usually guayusa is used to improve symptoms of fatigue and to combat the stress.

The caffeine can be founded as the main ingredient of this plant, whose content is high, and can range from 2.90 to 3.28% in dry weight. This is the reason why guayusa leaves are recognized for their energizing and stimulating potential. Guayusa also contain theobromine (stimulant present in chocolate) and L-theanine (glutamic acid present in green tea).

Guayusa contains all the essential amino acids for humans and has a high antioxidant activity that protects against free radicals and their degenerative action on the body. The results show that the green guayusa has twice as many antioxidants as green tea.

Antioxidant analysis was performed using the DPPH radical (50% of concentration). The lower the percentage inhibition, the greater the amount of antioxidants required because less substance was required to neutralize the DPPH radical.


To the Indigenous communities in the amazon rainforest of Ecuador, guayusa is a sacred herb. The Quichua live to be very old and even in their eighties, they are often fit and healthy enough to go hunting, even in a challenging environment such as the rainforest. They also use guayusa to stay awake and alert when they stand guard at night or to dance all night during rituals. It gives them the energy to start the day, go hunting and cultivate their gardens. Life in the Amazon is hard and intense and the Indigenous claim it would be impossible to survive without guayusa. Now we too can use their secret to conquer our own jungle and get and stay empowered while at the same time we help the Amazon and its inhabitants to preserve their environment and culture.

What guayusa can do for you?

• Powerful antioxidant.

The caffeine content is an average of 3%, and contains antioxidants with greater capacity for absorption of free radicals as green tea that is traded traditionally.

• Rich in vitamins and minerals.


It contains magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium and vitamins D and C. It also contains chlorogenic acids, very beneficial for cardiovascular health and essential amino acids.




• Contains stimulants.


In addition to caffeine, guayusa contains stimulants such as methylxanthine alkaloid, theophylline found in green tea and theobromine, which you can also take advantage of in dark chocolate. However, it has no kinship nor is it a tea, much less with cocoa.

• Great energizer.


Energy drinks have always been valued and although they are now sold in cans in antiquity they were already taken advantage of from the plants. The Amazonian warriors used the guayusa as a natural energizer to activate the mind and to hunt and gather everything necessary to survive.

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• Our guayusa is 100% organic.

Green Matters Ec guayusa is organic certified EU -NOP, kosher, halal, paleo friendly, non gmo and vegan, and

the best of all, is that the daily consume of the guayusa (in infusions, extract or powder capsules) makes you

feel better, look incredible and full of energy.

You will start feeling the difference!.

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Green Matters promote the sustainable harvesting and fair trade practices. We pay fair prices to our growers in the communities from the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador.