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Tribal Rapé snuff made in Ecuador


Unlock the Power of Rapé: Your Journey to Mind-Body Harmony! 🌬️

Discover the ancient secrets of Rapé - pronounced "hapeh" - a mystical shamanic snuff that's taking the wellness world by storm! Crafted from finely ground tobacco and a blend of sacred herbs, Rapé offers a transformative experience for your well-being.


Why Rapé? Immerse yourself in a centuries-old tradition, now accessible to you! Unlike traditional tobacco, Rapé is a finely ground snuff administered through the nose. It's not just a product; it's a sacred ceremony that brings grounding, clarity, and healing. Embrace the wisdom passed down by indigenous Amazonian tribes.

🌈 The Magic Within: Rapé isn't just about tobacco - it's a fusion of medicinal plants, each carefully chosen for its unique benefits. From tree bark to seeds, every element is blended to perfection, creating a fine, light-colored powder. The exact recipe is a well-guarded secret, adding to the allure of this ancient practice.

🚀 Journey Through History: Travel back to the time of the Incas and explore the roots of Rapé. Today, it's a vital part of spiritual practices in Ecuador, Brazil and Peru, and its popularity is growing globally. In the To create our blends we use spiritual medicines like Ayahuasca, Chacruna, Matico, Guayusa and more.

🌌 Set the Stage for Transformation: Your journey with Rapé begins with intention. Set your mind on clarity, relaxation, or spiritual insight. The setting is crucial - immerse yourself in a quiet, sacred space, whether in nature or your own sanctuary.

🎭 How to Dive In: Rapé isn't just snorted; it's a ceremonial experience. Picture a gentle blow through a v-shaped bamboo pipe, a dance between ancient rituals and modern well-being. Let an experienced guide or our easy-to-use kits introduce you to this transformative practice.

🌟 Experience the Shift: As the Rapé enters your bloodstream, feel the rush of calm and awareness. No anxiety, just a peaceful awakening. Watery eyes are a sign of the purgative process, a cleansing ritual for both body and mind. Embrace the tears, the sneezes, and the release.

Benefits Beyond Imagination: Mental clarity, emotional release, and physical purification - Rapé offers it all. Dive into a world of acute attention, grounded feelings, and a rejuvenated spirit. Your immune system will thank you as toxins and tensions are expelled.

🌐 Your Wellness Journey Starts Now: Rapé is legal, and the experience is waiting for you. Whether you're a seasoned explorer or a curious beginner, let this sacred snuff be your guide to holistic well-being.

🌿 Invest in Yourself: Embark on a journey of mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. Rapé is your ticket to a new level of understanding. Explore our blog for more insights and check our events calendar for upcoming ceremonies. Your well-being is just a click away!

Ready for the adventure? Start your journey with Rapé today and see the world as it really is 💫


We carefully use and select Organic Tobacco, aromatic herbs: a few types of matico, eucalyptus, mint, osha root, bobinsana, cardamom, etc
medicinal herbs mix and active ashes made with ayahuasca, palo santo, cacao and more plants

There are some ingredients not physical but energetical, that are included in the process so the rapé can have the effects that are describe at following:



The Amazonian Shuar snuff named for the large nocturnal bird that sings at night. Monkfish to vision, relax, activate the third eye with the greatest amount of organic tobacco originating from the Amazon area. Thanks to the presence of sacred plants for the Shuar people, it is connected with the ancestral spirits of the area - Spirit of Nunkui and Shakaim. Made with prayer and deep fasting with sacred ashes added.

Rapé Amaru Nanki: (Snake spear- Cosmic serpent) | For advance use only


The Amazonian Shuar snuff with the highest content of sacred ashes for the Shuar people. Advanced use. Suitable for healing patients and ancestral ceremonies with medicine. The ashes include tobacco, cassava, caapi and more plants. Snuff is connected to the spirit of Tzunki.


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