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Anti-cancer - Anti-inflammatory


Scientific name: Origanum vulgare

Oregano has become an important herb in international cuisine. It has also been used in the medicinal field for thousands of years. This herb, belonging to the mint family, comes from the Greek words oros (mountain) and ganos (joy).


Despite its excellent smell, oregano not only provides flavor to food, it also has a wide range of beneficial properties for health. Oregano has olive green leaves and purple flowers. It is closely related to other herbs, including mint, thyme, marjoram, and basil.


Oregano contains chemicals that can help reduce coughing. Oregano may also help with digestion and fight some bacteria and viruses. People use oregano to heal wounds, parasitic infections, and many other conditions.


Oregano contains fiber, iron, manganese, vitamin E, iron, calcium, omega fatty acids, manganese, as well as being a rich source of vitamin K.


Fight against bacteria: Oregano is a good ally against microbial activity. Oregano oil, for example, is a powerful antimicrobial because it contains an essential compound called carvacol. Its properties are so intense that it can even kill Staphylococcus aureus resistant to methicillin and other antibiotics.


Other diseases: Oregano can be used to treat gastrointestinal disorders, menstrual cramps, earaches, bronchitis, muscle aches, toothaches, allergies, fatigue, headaches, and urinary tract disorders. It can also be applied topically to help treat a number of skin conditions, including acne and dandruff.


Against cancer: A team of biologists from the University of the United Arab Emirates explained that the anticancer activity of oregano is based on the fact that it promotes cell cycle arrest and promotes apoptosis (that is, the suicide of cancer cells) in cancer patients from mom Anti-inflammatory: Scientists from the University of Bonn (Germany), and the ETH Zurich (Switzerland), identified an active ingredient in oregano - known as beta-caryophyllin (E-BCP) - that may be useful against disorders such as osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis.

Image by Rudy Issa

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