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The best amazon seeds and herbs converted into fine oils


Scientific name: Oenocarpus Bataua


The Ungurahua is a native palm of the Amazon. An oil is extracted from its fruits with exceptional emollient and nutritive properties thanks to the richness in molecules essential for cellular metabolism. High quality Ungurahua oil, is extracted by mechanically crushing the whole fresh Ungurahua fruit, and yields a light to dark greenish liquid, with little odor and taste. It contains a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, mainly oleic acid, which are traditionally used in medicine, cosmetics, and food. 


The oil of Ungurahua is known and always used for the Amazonian peoples Shuar and Achuar in hair care to give shine, strength and prevent and combat their fall. Already known and used for hair care by the Amazonian peoples, our Ungurahua line is dedicated to renewing the shine, balance and strength of your hair. We offers you a repairing hair oil with restructuring action on battered and weak hair as a treatment that gives strength to the hair. 

Each palm produces an average of only 2 bunches (inflorescence) of fruits per year, harvested from June to December with the equivalent to 32 kg of fruit that yield only 2.4 liters of oil - a fact that makes the oil extremely expensive to produce in large commercial scale.

The Ungurahua fruit contains nearly 39% and 61% seeds (kernel) with 80.6% fatty acids, 16% carbohydrates and 3.4% proteins and pulp with around 18% oil.


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