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Scientific name: Psychotria viridis.


Also known as chacruna, chacrona or chaqruy in Quechua, where it translates mixture, is a botanical species of shrub, perennial plant, of the Rubiaceae family, in which is also found psychotria carthagenensis, samiruka or amiruca and the coffea or coffee.

Together with yagé (banisteriopsis caapi), they make up the main ingredients for the decoction of an entheogenic drink isolated in the indigenous Amazonian and Andean shamanic rituals (ayahuasca) in the tropical areas of South America.

Different species of chacruna or psycotria have bioactive components. Some examples within psychotria species include antibiotic activities such as extracts of microlabastra psychotria and psychotria capensis (Africa), the antiviral activity of pychotria serpens (China), and the anti-inflammatory, antiviral-antifungal activities found in psychotria insularum (Central America) and psychotria hawaiiensis respectively. 


It has a high concentration of tryptamine (for visionary effect)

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