New way to eat sweet


Scientific name: Stevia Rebaudiana

Stevia, native from Paraguay, also grows in Ecuador and Brazil (ka’a he’e or “the sweet herb” in Guaraní), is a plant in the sunflower family and has become one of the crops with the greatest potential in the world. Stevia has a sweetening capacity equivalent to 300 times that of sugar, its properties are unique in the world.


Stevia is a sweet plant that has been used for millennia to sweeten food and, also, a plant with medicinal properties.

Today the use of artificial sweeteners is very common, since it is a tendency to consume foods that are promoted as "the healthiest" for our body. But we must be able to recognize the truths and lies of these, since they are found in most of the products that claim to be “light”.

Among the most commercial are: Splenda (Sucralosa), Aspartame, Saccharin, Acesulfame. When consuming them, it has been possible to show an increase in anxiety about sweets and carbohydrates, which causes you to eat more during the day and make it difficult to lose weight. Furthermore, they can lead to high insulin levels, which consequently causes your body to store fat.

To introduce changes in your diet, you should always have the supervision of a specialist doctor. If you are hypotensive, your doctor will surely recommend other options.

Stevia properties.
Among the therapeutic properties of Stevia are:

It has 0 calories, it is totally caloric-free.
It benefits people with hypertension, Stevia acts as a hypotensive and cardiotonic, that is, it regulates blood pressure and stimulates the heartbeat.
Stevia is a vasodilator, which means that it increases the diameter of the blood vessels, consequently improves circulation and is of great help for people suffering from diseases of vascular origin.
This plant is ideal for diabetics, as its composition allows it to be a fairly healthy substitute for sugar.
Stevia has antibiotic properties, the leaves of this plant provide antibacterial protection against bacteria in the oral mucosa and fungi, such as vaginal yeast infection. Additionally, it is used in toothpastes and chewing gums because its use helps prevent cavities.
Furthermore, people who consume Stevia are less prone to colds and flu.
Inclusively, it is also used as a healing and antiseptic in wounds and burns.
It is advisable to lose weight since it reduces anxiety about food (take 10 to 15 drops 20 minutes before meals) and by regulating insulin the body stores less fat.
Stevia decreases the desire or desire to eat sweets and fats.
Enhances the aroma of infusions or foods where it is added.
It can help in the detoxification of tobacco and alcohol, since stevia tea reduces the desire for these two toxins.
It prevents and inhibits the reproduction of infectious bacteria and organisms.
Stevia leaf is 30 to 45 times sweeter than sugar.
It is more advisable for food use or cooking since at high temperatures, it is more stable than other sweeteners.


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