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Flu? no more with...

S A C H A   G A R L I C

Scientific name: Mansoa alliacea

Semitrepable shrub 3 m tall or more, vegetative parts with a smell   Garlic   or   onion . Bifoliolate leaves with trifid tendril, leaflets aborted to ellipticals of 5-27 x 2-18 cm, with acute to obtuse apex and cuneate base. Axillary inflorescences in pausiflora clusters or panicles; cupular calyx 5-10 cm x 6-11 mm; corolla   Violet   tubular bell - shaped 6 to 9 cm long.   Fruit   linear capsule oblong lignified, strongly angular, smooth surface.   Seeds   with two membranous wings

Is a   climbing plant   tropical   evergreen that is native to the   rain forest   of the   Amazon . It can be described as a   bush   or one   liana   since it produces numerous woody vines from the root that reaches a size of only 2-3 m tall.

Growing in South America,  where it can be found growing wild in the tropical rainforests of   Ecuador . It is especially abundant in the forests next to the Amazon.

It is a very common and well-respected plant remedy in the Amazon for pain and inflammation of   arthritis   and   rheumatism , as well as the cold, the   flu , and   fever . Some capsule and leaf products are sold in stores in Ecuador and can be found as an ingredient in several other multi- herb formulas for cold and flu, pain.

It is used as   antibacterial ,   anti-inflammatory ,   antihistamine ,   antioxidant ,   antispasmodic ,   diuretic ,   hypotensive   (low tension), relaxing muscles and uterine relaxant. 

It has analgesic, antirheumatic, antiarthritic, for headache problems , sedative effects . In the   traditional medicine   The leaves, stems and roots are used externally and internally. It is used above all against  rheumatism , taking a maceration and applying the leaves on the affected parts. "Take the alcoholic maceration of the bark or the root or plaster with the leaves in the painful area. It is also used against migraine, muscular pains and   arthritis . Internally, it strengthens immunity and alleviates respiratory system conditions. In addition , it is an effective repellent   against mosquitos 

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