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Natural Hormone stabilizer


Scientific name: Ficus Carica.


The fig is a small tree or a shrub of the family of the Moráceas (Moraceae), one of the many species of the genus ficus. Originally from Southwest Asia, it now grows spontaneously around the Mediterranean and in other regions of the world .---

It is said that the fig tree never blooms and that instead of flower, it later produces the fruit; This error lasted a couple of centuries until it was discovered in 1734 that the plant is reality, it has flowers, although they are very tiny, and that they are born inside a receptacle with an opening or spike eye, very tight on its internal walls and always hidden from our gaze. and when they are fully made, the receptacle turned into a fig is about to ripen.

The fig has many properties, among them they can be appreciated to treat the following conditions:


-Infertility in both sexes
-Increases the metabolism of zinc, iron, potassium, germanium and vitamins A, D, E.
-Stimulates the pineal gland, by the electromagnetic tension of my and low voltake, generated in the brain.
-Energetically it serves for the scheme of negative thoughts and fears carried from childhood to the cellular level.

-Treats paranoia and fears, conscious and recurring, phobias.
-Lack of confidence and inaction at key moments or emergencies.
-Introspection and introversion due to mistrust, autism

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