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Master & Sacred plant


Scientific name: Calliandra angustifolia

The bobinsana or bubinzana is a species of shrub belonging to the family Fabaceae, genus Calliandra, species Calliandra angustifolia. It is found next to the rivers or streams of the Amazon basin, in South America.


The plant is also commonly known as coal, carbonero, calliandra, bobinsana (Ecuador and Colombia); bobinsana (Peru); esponjinha, calliandra (Brazil); white quinilla  


Characteristics of the bobinsana (Calliandra angustifolia) –  Consireded a Master plant


Benefits and medicinal uses:
Characteristics of the bobinsana This plant is described as a shrub 3 to 4 meters high, with a deep root system; It is branched and has an extended and leafy crown, with flowers with numerous red and white stamens. Its reproduction is sexual, that is, collecting the seeds of the fruits. Its fruits are shaped like an erect legume 4 to 6 cm long, with brown seeds. The bobinsana has relatively fast growth and a long average lifespan. At the time of flowering it is a very showy plant that greatly attracts hummingbirds. Callandria angustifolia is considered a "master plant" of traditional Amazonian medicine, for its "ability to teach", used by shamans or healers for its healing properties, especially to reduce emotional hypersensitivity. Also, it is sometimes used, in combination with other herbs, in Ayahuasca rituals

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