May 21st - June 20th



This Zodiacal Tea is created to increase the energy and removing the stress at the same time for the people born under the Sun in Gemini.

The magical concept of this tea is that is not only a simple tea, is also an herbal bath.


How does it work?

Well, is very simple!
If you are looking to feel the power of nature and the stars under your sign, then prepare the tea. 

Add boiled water, 1-2 grams of the tea into an infuser or if you don`t have it, do it into a teapot (available on our website) or directly in your cup, add the hot water and wait around 5-10 min. Have a moment of introspection for yourself.

Don't you feel in the mood for a tea?

Then this herbal energetic bath will calm your nerves, make you feel good, and will remove the bad energy from a hard day or a bad moment in your life, reinforcing your spirit, use it to meditate, relax and cleanse the bad energies that surround your environment. It will help you to stay more balanced and connected with the inner self.


How to prepare the bath?

If you like, put some white flowers in the place where you will perform this ritual.

Boil the whole mixture, wait for it to infuse well, Add some red wine and a tablespoon of honey. Bathe with the mixture, or you can also add the blend directly into a bathtub. Connect with the Universe, give thanks. To make it more effective always wash your body before starting a ritual, we highly recommend doing it with sacred herbs/palo santo soap (available at Herbolarium products section), rinse with the herbal water on your body, meditate for a few minutes, leave the water to dry to itself on your body, dress and go directly to bed.


Wanna do both?

So! use 30 grams of the blend, use 1-2 for the tea. Drink your tea after the bath.



Geminis: Yellow (Color)

Element: Air (Caeli)
Animal: Chamaleon

Planet: Mercury

Day for your bath: Wednesday

Candles for the ritual: Purple / White (light them before bathing)
Incense: Orange & Cinnamon (available at Herbolarium products)

We recommend it to do it before going to sleep

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