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Diabetes, hypertension, kidney problems? no more with

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Scientific name: Artocarpus altilis

The   breadfruit tree   or   frutipan ( Artocarpus altilis   and similar) is a   species   belonging to   gender   of the   Artocarpus , within the   tribe   of the   Artocarpeae , from the family of   Moraceae   with hundreds of varieties of trees distributed from the southeast   Asian ( Philippines ,   Indonesia ), until the   Polynesia , passing through   Oceania  and South America in the tropical rainforest.

The anthropic action has distributed the species in all areas   tropical   of the planet, especially the area of   Antilles . The most well-known species is the   Artocarpus altilis , or   breadfruit tree   Properly said. This species, together with the   Jack tree ( Artocarpus heterophyllus ) are the most cultivated of the genus throughout the world.


You can get a lot of health benefits of breadfruit leaf tea as inside this plant there are plenty of properties which are very useful. That is why you need to consume this drink regularly to gain several health benefits that we already list here:

1. Kalium

2. Kidney Failure

3. Cholesterol

4. Heart

5. diseases
6. Uric Acid

7. Liver

8. Allergy

9. Tooth Ache

10. Spleen Enlargement

11. Skin

12. Vaginal Candidiasis

13. Postpartum Hemorrhage

14. Energy

Breadfruit leaf tea

Those are several health benefits of breadfruit leaf tea that you can get after you drink this tea regularly. There are many good properties inside the breadfruit leaves tea which really useful for your health. Not only it will help you in curing various diseases, it’s also able to make you become healthier. That is why you might want to drink this tea made from breadfruit leaf regularly to get the benefits to work effectively.

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