Weight loss - Delicious - Nourishing


Everybody around the world know the bananas, is a very popular fruit with many nourishing properties. 

This food contains large quantities of nutrients that are giving a great benefit to health and beauty. The banana powder contains a high concentration of the following vitamins: A, C and minerals such as: potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron. Is rich in carbohydrates.


During pregnancy:
The magnesium content helps promoting a good functioning of bowels, nerves and muscles, forming part of the bones and teeth and increasing the immune system.
By other hand, the folic acid participates in the production of red and white blood cells. It helps during a treatment and prevention of anemia and the bad formation of spina bifida during pregnancy.


For athletes:
As a energy dehydrated fruit:
Is one of the fruits with the higher concentration of energy components. By other side, the sugar levels (fructose) found in the banana powder provides a lot of energy, activating the body into the maximum physical condition.


For senior adults:
As we know, the banana powder is one of the best natural sources of potassium. Potassium helps immensely to reduce the risk of suffer high arterial tension and sickness related with the heart system.


 In general, banana powder helps to reduce:
-Digestive / Constipation problems
-Protects the heart
-Helps to increase the weight loss
-Prevent cancer
-Fight ulcers
-Relieves acidity
-Control the nerves
-Improves vision
Fight the anemia
-Provides with abundance energy



Suitable for toddlers / kids / adults:
10 spoons:
For each 100 grams= add 1 liter of milk / water
(optional: you can prepare it with soy or almond milk / vegan milk)
It serves for 4 cups/ glasses of 250 ml each.

2 spoons:
Every spoon with 10 grams= add ½ liter of milk / water
(optional: you can prepare it with soy or almond milk / vegan milk)
it serves for 1 cup / glass of 250 ml

It can be use as part of a recipe (in replacement of floor), smoothies, pancakes.

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