The best amazon seeds and herbs converted into fine oils


Scientific name: Oenocarpus Bataua


The Ungurahua is a native palm of the Amazon. An oil is extracted from its fruits with exceptional emollient and nutritive properties thanks to the richness in molecules essential for cellular metabolism. The oil of Ungurahua is known and always used for the Amazonian peoples Shuar and Achuar in hair care to give shine, strength and prevent and combat their fall. Already known and used for hair care by the Amazonian peoples, the GREEN MATTERS EC cosmetics Ungurahua line is dedicated to renewing the shine, balance and strength of your hair. We offers you a repairing hair oil with restructuring action on battered and weak hair as a treatment that gives strength to the hair.

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Scientific name: Bursera Graveolens


Loosely translated, Palo Santo means Holy Wood. Palo Santo has been used for hundreds of years by native shamans for spiritual applications. For those that integrate essential oils within meditation, prayer or other spiritual applications, Palo Santo is an oil to pay close attention to.

The aroma of Palo Santo Essential Oil is uniquely sweet and woody. Palo Santo loosely reminds me of an intoxicating combination of frankincense, atlas cedar, sweetgrass, lemon and a subtle hint of mint.

Emotionally, Palo Santo Essential Oil is grounding and elicits a sense of peacefulness and calm. I can see the possibility for Palo Santo Oil to be helpful for anxiety, emotional trauma and depression.

The resinous wood is used by the shamans of several South American tribes, such as the Aymara, Quechua, Jíbaros, among others. The Manana, Machalilla, Valdivia, and Inca cultures used their smoke and oil for therapeutic purposes. The essential oil, of a light yellow color, possesses a citrus fragrance, is appreciated for its properties. It is used in cases of neuralgia, menorrhagia, catarrh, and as a diuretic. The bark macerated in alcohol is used against rheumatism and in cooking as sudorific. The leaves are used in cooking as an antispasmodic. The buds are also used as an abortive and the leaves as insecticides. It is considered antiseptic and is effective against cutaneous mycosis. The smoke of combustion is also used as a mosquito repellent. To obtain essential oils by means of steam distillation, the tree must die by itself and dry for a minimum of 40 years. Recent studies have shown that by cutting a tree and leaving it to dry for the same period of time, no therapeutic grade oil is obtained. 

SANGRE DE DRAGO (Dragon´s blood)

Scientific name: Croton Lechleri


Croton lechleri ​​is a species of angiosperm, of the euphorbia family, which is native to northwestern South America. It is commonly known as Sangre de Grado (Spanish in Peru) or Sangre de Drago (in Ecuadorian Spanish). Both denominations refer to this tree and several related species of thick red latex.


The latex has medicinal properties, and is used by local populations as a liquid bandage, applied to seal wounds, since it dries quickly to form a protective barrier similar to the skin. Its use by native people has led to scientific study and observation of its antioxidant activity as well as its mutagenicity. The latex also contains a series of chemicals, including taspina. The oligomers proanthocyanidins, another type of chemical contained in latex, has been investigated for the treatment of HIV-associated diarrhea under the name Crofelemer

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Scientific name: Chamaemelum nobile

Chamomile oil is quite popular - as is the plant from which it is extracted - and is widely used in aromatherapy to reduce levels of stress and anxiety. However, there are many benefits of chamomile oil, which today we want to explain. You should know that this oil is extracted from the flowers of the chamomile plant, through a process called distillation.


There are several types of chamomile - Roman and German - and all are equally suitable for making oil. Properties of chamomile oil Among the benefits of chamomile oil are its ability to treat various skin problems: acne, allergies, dermatitis, eczema, dry skin, as well as various cuts. In addition, it has relaxing properties that can not only be used in adults, but also in babies and children. In those cases, it will help them sleep better, relieve discomfort when their teeth are coming out, and in case of colic and diarrhea. Keep in mind that, in the case of being used in children, chamomile oil should be diluted. For adults, this oil can be beneficial in various stomach problems, abdominal pain, premenstrual syndrome, asthma, hay fever, gallstones, sciatica and sore throat due to infectious causes. In addition, it is good in the case of fatigue or muscle pain in the extremities, spasms and tension in the muscles, dysentery and parasites